Business Phone System


(Hosted VOIP)


 With our business hosted phone service, you will get better features, flexibility, and cost than traditional phone systems. We have all the features you’d expect from a corporate phone system, plus innovative extras, perfect for your small to mid-size business; without the corporate costs.





 Unlimited Phones/Users


While other competitive providers charge on a “per-seat” or “per-user” basis, we charge nothing per user. You can move, add or change your users as you please, and it will never cost you a cent.





25 Simultaneous Calls


All of the phone numbers you get from us (both toll and toll-free) support up to 25 simultaneous calls. You’ll find that this is in contrast to competing services that advertise “unlimited inbound calling” but restrict their numbers to just a single call at a time. With us, your customers will never hear a busy signal.




Voicemail to email


Voicemail to email ensures that you never miss an important message again. All of your messages are automatically sent as .wav files to the email inbox of your choosing. You can also listen to your voicemails straight from a web browser.

Users can also listen to voicemail by calling the voicemail system or dialing an extension number.




Attendant Menus


Attendant menus allow you to set up a touchtone menu. You can play a message and allow the caller to press 1 for the Sales department, 2 for the Support department, etc. You can give callers the option to dial a direct extension.





Business Hour Rule


Business Hour Rules allow you to set your company’s standard business hours, and then apply call routing rules based on whether the office is open or closed.





Music on Hold (MOH)


From basic elevator to custom company messaging to their favorite radio stations, customers can now tailor their callers’ on-hold experience. And, it can be customized right down to each individual user – playing different MOH streams based on which user was called.




Dial by name Directory


Make it easy for your callers to find people. Create a company directory for callers to reach employees by spelling their names via touch tones.







Use groups to efficiently handle calls amongst a team or department. You can set a group ring strategy for your sales team so calls can be managed across the whole team and your leads will never reach a voice mailbox again.





 Phone numbers


Choose a phone number from your area code or Import an existing number.

Toll fee numbers are also available (866)-(888)-(877).




Find me anywhere


While others charge for extra phones, we allow you to have 10 phones ring simultaneously when your extension is called.

Users can set their inbound call preferences to “find them” in another location, instead of sending the call to voicemail. For example, if you are on the road a lot, set your phone to ring your office for 15 seconds, and then send the call to your cell phone. Never miss an important call again.







Phone Hardware


You have three options of phones: Regular IP Phones, Software Phones (PC Based), and/or App on your Smart Phone.


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