We carry a wide range of Security Camera Systems. We find the best system for your needs and offer competitive rates. Surveillance systems are a must, as criminals are more likely to target businesses and homes that don’t have security measures in place.  Cameras can also help you operate your business more efficiently, cut cost on daily operations, and help you determine worker productivity. Our goal is to meet your security needs, with a professional and cost effective system.  We can upgrade your current system or design it from the ground-up.  Please contact us for any questions or project estimations.


 Following is a brief list of video surveillance benefits:


Mobile Security Camera Systems

  1. Prevent theft and Increase overall security and safety
  2. Protect your assets
  3. Protect equipment from loss or damage
  4. Deter criminal activity
  5. Tracks employee behavior
  6. Improve worker productivity
  7. Resolve employee disputes
  8. Prevent dishonest claims
  9. Remote video monitoring
  10. Access your cameras from smart phones
  11. Continuous real-time monitoring
  12. Overnight protection
  13. Visual evidence for investigations and prosecution



There are three choices when it comes to Security Camera Systems: CCTV, IP Cameras, or a hybrid of the two systems.


CCTV Camera Systems


Analog CCTV Security Camera Systems

CCTV Analog Security Camera Systems

CCTV-Close Circuit Television Cameras systems use analog signals to transmit data to a DVR. CCTV’s are the older version for Security Camera Systems, but are still widely used due to their inexpensive cost.  Video quality varies from poor to good (Quality). The camera itself has no intelligence and relies on the DVR to process and record the data. We install, setup, and configure systems ranging from 4 to 32 cameras. Camera prices vary due to customers specific needs.



IP Camera Systems

IP Security Camera Systems

Digital Video Security Camera Systems

IP Cameras are the newer version of surveillance systems. They use digital signal instead of analog, so picture (Quality) is generally better then CCTV.  IP Cameras are able to process and store data within themselves, and  transfer the data to a NVR or Remote Viewing Device.  We install, setup, and configure IP camera systems ranging from 1 to 32 cameras. IP Camera prices vary due to customers specific needs.




Hybrid Camera Systems


Hybrid Camera Systems are a combination if both CCTV & IP Systems. You might want to us a hybrid system is to integrate your existing surveillance infrastructure or  to fit specific requirements and budget.


Security Camera Systems


Licensed by N.Y.S Department of State LIC#12000297620


Multi Schedule Recording, Motion Detection, Face Detection, License Plate Reader, Missing Object Alerts, Day-Night, Remote View, Integration with Access Control and POS Systems.

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